ROEL ROELOFSEN - Ndiza Gallery
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Just as Rodriquez was unknown to Americans until the release of ‘Searching for Sugar Man’, Roel Roelofsen is South Africa’s own forgotten master.

Despite being labeled the world’s most successful colour slide photographer during the 1970s, his achievements and works were unknown and uncelebrated by South Africans.

Roel was a pioneer of the photographic technique of derivation and his unique images often comprised as many as nine layers, which he painstakingly hand painted.

His work communicates a strong sense of excitement for the construction of the first iconic skyscrapers in South Africa such asThe Carlton Hotel and Standard Bank as well as The Twin Towers, which he photographed during a trip to New York. He never sold a slide or produced any printed images for sale.

His remarakble works are only available in limited editions of 5.