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Ndiza Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by celebrated artist Diane Webb



From her travels around the country, reflecting a world changed forever, Diane blends photography with her unique artworks.

Two years in the making, this interpretive journey will take you through forgotten towns, abandoned farms and encounters with the vanishing and broken society of South Africa.

Showing districts on their knees, the journey is complex and diverse.

Hypocrisy and Corruption are responded to, often impulsively and with humour….. Yet within the Despair runs riot an encyclopedia of shimmering colour.


The exhibition will run until December.

Contact Michele : 076 228 5046

Ndiza Gallery is open 7 days a week.

September 2018: The Fabric of Life

Ndiza Gallery, having set out to explicitly champion emerging talent, seems to have landed somewhat of a coup as we show the work of Diane Webb in her inaugural exhibition opening on Saturday 25 August 2018.

The timing could not have been better as Webb has made the finals of the ‘Sasol New Signatures Art Competition’ with the winner being announced 4 days after the opening.

The exhibition, titled ‘The Fabric of Life and the Threads that Hold us Together’, encompasses the past 7 years of the artist working alone in her studio, and, most interestingly, uninfluenced by art world trends, all of which makes her work so refreshing and innovative.

Using collage, drawing, oil and acrylic, water colours, sketches and incorporating her unique cloths, many purchased while travelling Southern Africa, her subjects reveal themselves within a legacy of culture, memories of African treasures and her people, all woven together with passion.

The collection covers classical and ancient forms, chance meetings and the drama of Renaissance. These threads weave their way onto the canvas, as easily as the rich textiles of African wax.

Modern art today is an extremely complex phenomenon, more so in the age of digital art, with free Apps, and every tool imaginable.

Where all it takes is the press of a button to create a lookalike image, an ‘artwork’.

Thus the challenge for Diane has been to work in isolation, for long hours in her aim for sincerity in capturing the essence of life.