GARY FRIER - Ndiza Gallery
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In Gary Frier’s own words :

“ I find inspiration in many forms of media. Creating art for me is about constantly reflecting on my place in the world, discovering how to distill and interpret my interaction with what surrounds me and documenting that personal relationship.

Natural environments have become more of an exception than a rule. Our connection with the ‘wild’ as a spiritual and physical presence has been replaced by a financial value system. The wildlife art that I create was inspired by photography as well as artworks by cultures that live close to the ‘wild’ or did so in the past. Through my work I try to bridge and understand this brittle connection.

For this reason I have chosen to separate the subjects aesthetically from their natural environment fabricating a fantasy antagonist to that of natural law. In some works the boldness of the stylization makes the animal seem mythological in a man made urban environment. In some works the boldness of the stylization makes the animal almost an icon inhabiting a new urban environment.”