LOCAL IS LEKKER - Ndiza Gallery
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You cannot define electricity. The same can be said of art. It is a kind of inner current in a human being, or something which needs no definition

Marcel Duchamp


This summer at Ndiza Gallery we hope to warm hearts with a strong electrical art current in the form of the ‘Local is Lekker’ exhibition.

‘Local is Lekker’ showcases local established and upcoming artists, providing visitors with the opportunity to purchase works at prices far below usual Gallery rates.

A few of the over 20 artists are :

Diane Webb, a finalist in the Sasol New Signatures 2018 Art Competition features prominently after her recent record breaking solo exhibition with her works being snapped up by local and International art lovers.

Paul van Rensburg is possibly the top selling artist in SA in terms of units sold and his works hang in homes, hotels and offices across the globe. He is well known for his distinctive style, resulting from using knives, brushes and fingers as tools

Hot on the Art scene brothers Chenjerai and Mambakwedza Mutasa bring to life the junk we toss out. Using old car parts, wire, driftwood, metal and stone – mostly claimed from scrapyards – the brothers build beautiful and imaginative sculptures.
Also featuring :

William Kentridge; Siwa Mgoboza; Mark Enslin; Christopher Reid; Jaques Vrey; Marco Olivier; Jeanne Hendricks; Gerhard van Vuuren; Ron Waldeck; Michelle Buter; Adam Carnegie; Keith Erasmus; Melanie du Toit; Diane Erasmus; Winnie Eaton; Clint Strydom; Corné Pienaar; Petra Humm; Mo’nique; Roel Roelofsen; Deborah Wallis and Thomas Cranz.