Ndiza Gallery | HARI LUALHATI
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“HARI LUALHATI: Return to Love” is a Solo Exhibition that showcases original available artworks and limited edition archival canvas prints from the First and Second Series of Hari Lualhati.
In the First Series of artworks by Hari Lualhati, “Flowers” have been used to symbolized Love. Like a blossoming flower that is beautiful yet fragile, love also needs certain elements (like passion, trust and faithfulness) for it to blossom and grow. These elements are being represented by each art piece.
The Second Series of artworks by Hari Lualhati represents the bravery that it takes to love and the lessons that we learn from it.
“HARI LUALHATI: Return to Love” Exhibition is dedicated and was made to celebrate all those courageous hearts who’ve decided to continue on loving, all those brave hearts who choose to follow their passion.

Each art piece is a unique manifestation of love th
at aims to make the viewers appreciate and relive LOVE in their lives.

At this day and age when all we hear are hateful news about bombing and terrorism, what we need is a reminder, that what this world need is one thing, and that is, LOVE.